Curve Fever Pro

Introducing Curve Fever Pro

Curve Fever is a free-to-play, multiplayer deathmatch elimination game of survival. Battle it out online in matches between 6 players, using ships equipped with over 27 different powers, all while avoiding deadly “curves”. Win matches, unlock new powers and rank up to become The Curve Fever Grandmaster!

Curve Fever Pro releases February 26th, 2018 at

Curve Fever Pro online feature summary:

  • Free-to-Play and Accessible in Europe and North America via web browser
  • Knockout Pro – free-for-all elimination mode
  • 3 playable species
  • 24 unlockable ships
  • 42 upgradable ability modules
  • 8 competitively ranked arenas
  • Comprehensive matchmaking and ranking system
  • In-game chat, active player community and forum
  • Custom player profile registration for saving progress

Core gameplay:

In Curve Fever Pro, players control customized ships that emit permanent trails in order to eliminate one-another by cutting each other off in a multiplayer arena. The play-field gradually becomes less survivable as players utilise an arsenal of diverse powers and actions such as jumping over curves, shooting, and dropping bombs while simultaneously dodging newly laid curves, traps, and attacks!

Knockout Pro! Rules:

Matches consist of multiple rounds. Whoever wins the first round gets “immunity” for the second round and no one is “Knocked Out” during the first round. You know that you have immunity when you see a halo icon over your ship. This means that you will be spared from being “Knocked Out” this round if you should be eliminated first during the round. Whoever gets eliminated first in a round, without having immunity, gets “Knocked Out” of the match.


The skill and progression in Curve Fever Pro empower players to earn research points and soft currency to customize ships in order to enable, explore and upgrade a diverse set of abilities. Performing better in a match will empower a player to get unlock and upgrade ability modules faster.

A Living Game

Curve Fever Pro has been in development since Q1 2017, and represents the core of our dream for the franchise, but we don’t plan to stop here. As the community grows, the game will expand, tuning current features and debuting new ones; constantly working to improve what’s already there and never stopping to embrace the full potential of Curve Fever Pro.

Curve Fever Legacy:

Curve Fever Pro is the fourth game in the wildly popular Curve Fever-franchise. With a community of over half a million fans, Curve Fever is known for wild, unexpected moments that leave long lasting impressions on players, as well as its highly competitive nature. Read more about the history of Curve Fever, here.

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